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Jan 21, 2014, 02:52 AM
These are posted elsewhere, but can be hard to find from the forums.


AIL aunt-in-law

BEC b1tch eating crackers (even innocuous behavior is annoying)
BF boyfriend or best friend
BFF best friend forever
BFP big fat positive (on pregnancy testing - confirmed pregnancy)
BIL brother-in-law
BRB be right back
BM birth mother
BMIL birth mother-in-law

CBF cat butt face (pursed lips, sour expression on face)
CIL cousin-in-law
CO cut off. Said of a person you no longer associate with.
D_ d followed by another acronym usually means dear or darling (for example DGD means dear granddaughter)
DB dear boyfriend or dear brother
DC dear children
DD dear/darling daughter
DF dear father or dear fiance
DG/DGF dear girlfriend
DH dear/darling husband
DHRH dog house residing husband
DIL daughter-in-law
DM dear mother
DN dear niece/nephew
DP dear parents
DS dear/darling son
DSD dear stepdaughter
DSF dear stepfather
DSM dear stepmother
DSS dear stepson
DuH a DH who is not exhibiting any intelligence
DW dear/darling wife

E_ evil, so esil = evil sister-in-law (though, may also mean eldest, in which case see o_)
ETA edited to add

F_ future (see FMIL for example)
FH future husband
FFIL future father-in-law
FIL father-in-law or future in-laws
FM flying monkey - family member that MIL controls (this is a Wizard of Oz reference)
FMIL future mother-in-law
FOO family of origin
FW future wife

G_ golden; a family member who is the darling pet, often spoiled by parents. Some may also believe that the Golden One poops rose petals. (Hat tip to Just Me!)
GBIL golden brother-in-law
GD granddaughter
GF girlfriend (or could be grandfather)
GFIL grandfather-in-law
GM grandmother
GMIL grandmother-in-law
GS grandson
GSIL golden sister-in-law

H husband
H_ honorary (hfil honorary father-in-law, possibly a male living with MIL)
HTH hope this helps

IIRC if i remember correctly
IL in-law
IMHO in my humble opinion
IMO in my opinion
ITA I totally agree (or I tend to agree)

JK just kidding

KWIM know what i mean

LMAO laughing my *ss off
LO little one
LOL laughing out loud

M_ followed by an acronym may mean Middle (for example, MDD is Middle Dear Daughter).
MIL mother-in-law
MOO mother of origin

N narcissistic
NMIL narcissistic mother-in-law
nb "nota bene" - note this well - take special note
NC no contact. Also known as CO.
NPD narcissistic personality disorder
NT no text (for message board - warns reader not to click header looking for further text in the body).
NLI not logged in

O_ O followed by an acronym usually means Older or Oldest (for example, ODD is Older Dear Daughter).
OBIL older brother-in-law
ODD oldest dear daughter
ODS oldest dear son
OMFG oh my f***ing god
OMG oh my god
OP original poster (the one who started the thread)
OSIL older sister-in-law
OT off topic
OTOH on the other hand

PA passive aggressive
PDA public display of affection
PIL parent-in-law
PITA pain in the @ss
PM private message

ROFL rolling on (the) floor laughing
ROFLMAO rolling on (the) floor laughing my *ss off

SAHM stay at home mom
SIL sister-in-law (not typically used for son-in-law)
STB_ stb followed by an acronym usually means "soon to be" (for example, stbxh is soon to be ex-husband)
S_ s followed by an acronym usually means Step (for example, SFIL is step father-in-law)
SMIL step mother-in-law

TL;DR too long, didn't read. Often length is not the problem, but the lack of paragraphs leading to the appearance of a Great Wall of Text.
TMI too much information
TO time-out. A temporary cutoff, for a limited time.
TTC trying to conceive
TTFN ta-ta for now (good-bye)
TTYL talk to you later

UIL uncle-in-law

WTF what the f??k
WTH what the he!!

X_ as a prefix to any number of abbreviations represents the "ex-" prefix. For example, XMIL would mean ex-mother-in-law (a mother-in-law from a previous marriage).

YDD younger or youngest dear daughter
YDS younger or youngest dear son
Y_ y followed by an acronym usually means Youngest or Younger (for example, YDD is Younger Dear Daughter).

The above acronyms are common among many forums. The two following are MILS-specific. (And this mod does not remember ever seeing them used.)

BWDS Brain Washing DIL Society, ie DILs who TOTALLY brainwash their DHs (according to MIL dearest) into ignoring their family, parents, siblings or finally showing DHs what @sses their family really is and letting DHs make their own decision to cut them off.

DILA daughter-in-law avenger - an open to all "club" developed on this site