View Full Version : Expensive does not equate to class.

Apr 30, 2005, 12:15 PM
Several Christmas's ago, my MIL gave me a very big and very expensive gardening book. I'm talking huge - it is so heavy, that it comes with its own carry case with handle and velcro locks. I know that it cost $95, as the price label was still attached!!!! This may have been an appropriate gift, if DH and I were starting out with new house and garden, but we have an extremely full garden and cant possibly add to it any further. The book contains over 100,000 plants from all over the world with 80,000 illistrations - WTH???

The first Christmas with FDH, MIL gave me a pedestal fan. On handing me the gift, she said, "And dont think you're going to get anything as expensive next year either". It cost all of $40, she told me later. As I have problems with dry eyes, I dont like any breeze on my face, so I asked FDH if he could cut the shaft down for me, so to turn it into a floor fan. It worked wonderful, and I now have cool feet in summer.

My idiot IL's are totally obssessed with money, and still dont get it that its not the be all and end all of everything. It will become apparent, that they do not know how to love, only to buy.