1. Today Was Great.... NOT!

    Well, today started out horrible. As usual. We live in a 1935 old farmhouse with a front porch. When we moved in, there were 2 barn swallow nests on the front porch under the eaves. I left them alone at that time because there were babies in it. When winter came around, I knocked down the 2 nests.
    Well, here it is springtime and the swallows are coming around again trying to build their nests.
    I don't want them on the front porch because they poop all over everything, will dive ...
  2. Must Rant Again

    Ok, MIL wakes me up at 4:30am because she can hear the coyotes yipping. And she swears they are in the side yard messing with the chickens. The coyotes have been yipping for the last 6 months that we lived in this house, so that is nothing new. They were across the road in the ravine around the neighbors cow barns.
    What makes this woman, who has to have the TV on so loud you can hear it all throughout the house, think that she can determine where the heck the coyotes are yipping from?!!!! ...
  3. Animal Rant

    Ok, next. LOL
    Well, we moved into the house. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit, and my chickens. The cats, dogs, and rabbit are all indoor animals.
    My MIL has 2 cats that she used to let roam outside when she lived in Missouri previously, but kept indoors only in Texas.
    Well, about 6 weeks after moving in, I started noticing an odor. I knew what it smelled like, but couldn't figure out who or where. Yes, I knew it was cat urine. My MIL started blaming it on Georgie, my 4 ...

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