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    It seems like there have been tensions and resentments between you, your MIL, and SIL for some time. It's not uncommon for families to experience conflicts and feelings of favoritism, especially when it comes to grandparents and their grandchildren. These situations can be hurtful and difficult to navigate, and it's essential to find ways to cope with these emotions. Dave The Diver
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    First, I would not tell her about anything you buy for your child. If you visit them put something on her where if they buy the same for their other granddaughter it won't bother you. Or something you know they already bought etc. I hate competitive women like this. Try to keep as much of your stuff private as you can. She likely copies you because she is insecure about her daughter's parenting style so she looks to see what others are doing. She is probably also a jealous person, which is why she feels the need for her daughter to outdo you constantly. Ignore her attempts to one up you. If she talks about her other granddaughter's latest accomplishments, just nod and say that's great then change the subject. If she asks personal questions about your daughter be general in your responses and don't give her any details she can use against you later on. And, distance how often you see her. If you stop giving her information, she won't have anything to compete with any longer. Try asking your husband to confront his mother about her behavior in giving your child less attention to prevent her from making your daughter feel inadequate in the future. I would make it clear that if that continues she won't be a part of the child's life at all. The last thing you want is for her to develop a psychological issue because of this woman.
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    The wikipedia article is pretty long and indicates there could be all sorts of causes for this sort of thing. One thing that jumped out at me was a recent increase in blood pressure is sometimes the cause. Have you checked your blood pressure lately? My DH had regular nosebleeds for quite a few years in his teens and early 20's, caused by severe hay fever. His nose would run so bad with pollen and dust and grass allergies that it'd start to bleed. He seems to have grown out of that, though.

    I would suggest finding a new doctor. If your doctor isn't actually listening to you, find one that will. If this has only started happening recently for you, it indicates that SOMETHING has changed in your health status and it needs to be investigated, because there are just so many different things that might be the cause.

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