1. The things that have happened.

    It's been atleast a year since I have posted on here. I normally would vent about MIL making such a huge difference in the grandkids. SIL kids were always the faves. Amoungst this MIL would copy everything I would do with my daughter. She was with SIL kids ALL the time. She picked out their clothes. She bragged on them. Anything my daughter did SIL girl had to do it too and even better by MIL words. It was pure jealousy and it was like she was molding SIL girl into who "she" wanted her ...
  2. Will it always be this way?

    It's been a long time since I have posted on here. I finally had started to let go of all of the anger I had towards MIL in the past. My anger came from the huge difference she made between my daughter and Sil's kids (who are very close in age). It wasn't only that. Also when hubby and I got married she was very distant and negative towards me because SIL wasn't the center of attention at the time. She has always bragged on SIL girl over the tiniest little thing she does. She is almost a year older ...
  3. Need any info on nosebleeds...

    Okay so about a year ago I started having really bad nosebleeds. I was having them about once to three times a week. They would bleed for atleast 30 minutes if not longer. Whats so strange is I had Never Ever had a nose bleed my entire life until then. I just started having them constantly and it is normally in the mornings or before lunch. So about 5 months ago I went to a nose specialist and she Cautherized my nose. That"s where they burn the vessel shut so it wont bleed anymore. I had one ...

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