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  1. ethan's Avatar
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  2. Lutharjohn's Avatar
    Hmm! She has no right to invade your privacy. I also live in a joint family and am pursuing my higher education at the same time but my MIL never objects to anything. In fact; she was the one who found[url=]Essay Help in Los Angeles[/url] for me from where I have been taking academic assistance.
  3. JohnMartin's Avatar
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  4. sweety's Avatar
    Do you speak up/stand up for yourself?
  5. motherof3's Avatar
    I have that same problem only my mil makes it seem like im the mean one and all she is doing is staying clear but she dropped off money and didn't bother to knock on the door and say hello...
  6. EvilEvilDIL's Avatar
    There is NOTHING you can do or say to get MIL to be a decent person in this situation. I'm guessing she does other things she does too that are over the line. Your only option is to remove yourself from the situation that gives her all the power, and to put boundaries on any time you might spend with her in the future.

    1. Long lasting Birth Control, do NOT bring children into this family.
    2. Save up to rent a place for just you.
    3. When you have saved up first/last/deposit, tell DuH you are moving out in two weeks, with or without him. I know he wants to live with mumsie. He's welcome to do that, it will just be without you. He can sleep with her.
  7. Whoever's Avatar
    Would you rather be happy or would you rather live in h3ll? Stop combining your money with theirs. Save it, move and tell your mommy's boy DuH he can move with you and be your husband or he can stay with his mommy and be divorced.

  8. indian dil's Avatar
    the issue is that my hubby wants to stay in hi parents' house with me.. he does not want to move.. I am stuck with a horrid mil who interferes like it is the only thing in the world that she has to do...
  9. kateplus5's Avatar
    Get your own home. Get your own food. Get your own life.
  10. Whoever's Avatar
    Move. Let her see how much she enjoys living on 2/3 less money than before.


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