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  1. outcast47's Avatar
    I honestly would do a timeout and explicitly tell her that she is being unreasonable. You don't need someone causing problems before the child is born. Mine was horrible too, in different ways. She kept telling people "We're having twins" when my wife was the only one pregnant, like she had anything to do with it. After the 7th month, my wife lost her filter and told her off in front of people.
  2. EvilEvilDIL's Avatar
    Put MIL on a timeout until well after the birth. She's earned it. You can revisit the decision once you see how she behaves.

    Only's are awesome. And yes - head over to the boards!
  3. mamaalanna's Avatar
    Hey, Ellie, come on over to the main forum and unoad. Not a lot of people read the blogs.

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