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    Your problem is as much your DuH as your ILs. You are not his priority, he has repeatedly shown you this.

    File at least police reports, if not actual charges against the ILs. Recover their threatening messages and contact an attorney to help you file a restraining order against them.

    If DuH still claims you are making things up and his family would never do something like that, dump his sorry a$$ as fast as you can. Then get a restraining order against him as well as he will probably be their flying monkey

    You deserve better.

  3. mamaalanna's Avatar
    What Rabbit said. Most of us have toxic MILs but very few have threatened our lives. Do NOT delete threatening texts, voicemails, or emails. You need these to confirm your documentation.

    Come over to the forum and post there. Not a lot of people read the blogs.
  4. Rabbit's Avatar
    I am so sorry this has happened to you. You do not deserve this. Please don't give up hope and find healing.

    I don't like the situation you have described one little bit. Not only do you have a serious problem with your husband's family, you also seem to have a husband problem. He needs to believe you, and he needs to have your back, and help you make sure you are safe from those people. For a start, begin to document their threats. Report threats and window breakage to police to begin to build a file. Have a serious talk with husband. Get a good marriage counselor. Also, speak with a lawyer about getting a restraining order. If after your serious talk with husband he still insists on having contact with his terrifying family members, I think you need to leave him. These people are not normal.
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