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  1. Need help how to navigate DIL relationship.

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    Thanks so much for your comments. Yes I am aware of confinement after baby is born. She had modified confinement. Parents are living with her & help out had some cultural food. But did wash hair didnít stay in bed always they went out to dinner once I think. We celebrated one month birthday.
    One point Iíd like to raise with you. Do you think choosing to live & work in Australia marrying an Australian & having an Australian born child that considerations should be given to the
  2. Need help how to navigate DIL relationship.

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    Hi me again
    Trying to find out where I'm going wrong here.
    I asked my DIL where did she learn English? This is after knowing her for 3 years.
    She speaks fluent English & Mandarin. I'm impressed with people who are bilingual.
    I've learnt basic Mandarin greetings to be able to acknowledge her parents national language & foster communication.
    As her parents are planning to live here for 12 months, I asked if her parents were going to learn some English.
  3. Limbo Living Pt.2

    We move swiftly on...
    The job that is sucking the life out of me is also going to be the sole income for us as a couple once we move out and I fight a growing feeling of being trapped.
    I tell my husband I am not sure how much more I can take, I feel miserable and an insurmountable pressure - once I have time to start fertility treatment again and IF I fall pregnant I know that I will have to quickly return to work, DH is not able to support us financially. Any baby we have will be ...
  4. Limbo Living

    I will try and be succinct but an awful lot of confusing things have been going on...for a long time
    After meeting my husband 6 years ago, I soon moved into his family's home at the kind insistence of his parents. I moved an hour away from the house I rented leaving my friends, family and life as I knew it to give our budding romance the best possible chance.
    Everything moved very fast, in hindsight our new relationship was watched at close hand by his relatives who at times probably ...
  5. Deep Web Part that we are not supposed to see (part 1)

    I'll accept all of you think about the profound web. All things considered, what you've heard is valid, it is anything but an incredible place. While a few people are there to score weed or guns, or level out of sheer interest, others... well they're clearly not up to anything great. In any case, I'm not here to discuss those sickos. I'm here to discuss what lies past that point. The more mysterious and unexplainable piece of the web. The part that no one's extremely expected to see.

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