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  1. 20 Years of Harassment

    It started in ‘92. There were constant hang-ups on the line. Then my SIL and her mother started leaving threatening messages on my answering machine. They began to have their friends and relatives call to tell me that I needed to stop seeing their brother.

    Over the years, it has only gotten worse. My SIL, her friends, or her family members would call to tell me they’ve driven by and recount what they’ve seen, who I was with and what was going on.

    They’ve threatened ...
  2. Finnish Health Care

    Finnish Medical System - Part 1

    This is a slightly updated version of an essay I wrote several years ago for a different audience.

    I am a natural born American. Until I met the man I subsequently married, I never would have dreamed of not spending the rest of my life in the USA. I love the USA, my family and my friends, and never considered leaving. Then, I met my husband who was born and raised in Finland, spent his life there, and never had any real thoughts of ...
  3. Finnish Health Care

    Finnish Medical System Part 2

    This is a slightly updated version of an essay I wrote a couple of years ago.

    Then, June 2006 I became seriously ill and had to go into the hospital, and was left with a long-lasting physical problem – I have been assured by American doctors that the same thing would have happened if I had gotten sick in the USA. I quickly learned more than I ever thought I would about how the Finnish system works.

    Before I go into that, here ...
  4. Where Do I Begin?

    Thanks for letting me vent..

    I guess I'm just really thankful my MIL lives a thousand miles away. However, it doesn't stop her from meddling, manipulating and generally being a pain. She thinks the world revolves around her and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't do her bidding. She hates me (I am referred to as "that woman") for standing up to her from the very beginning. She has only seen her 4 1/2 year-old grandson once. Her ONLY grandchild.

    2 years ...
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  5. You're doing this to a pregnant cancer patient? Really?

    You b!tches need to leave the drama back in high school ...

    Why don't people realize that cancer patients really suffer from stress - that stress makes cancer worse? For frak's sake, people, here's your sign: DO NOT START A FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER ON A CANCER PATIENT'S FACEBOOK PAGE!!! OR MOMMA TIGER WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!

    Birdy tends to communicate with people via her Facebook page because ... well ... that's all she has the energy for.

    This past ...

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