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  1. MIL was a narcissistic, neglectful mother

    When DF was young his parents lived in a small town about 40 minutes away from a major city. He attended the elementary school there until grade two. The elementary school was part french immersion and part english classes, but even the english students learned a small amount of french. We're talking basic words like cahier (note book), stylo (pen), chein (dog) ect... So one day he comes home from school and his mom askes him to get out his notebook and do his homework. He announces, proud of himself ...
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  2. Is My MIL Racist or Am I Overly Sensitive -- Need Guidance

    I recently found this blog and I want to thank you ladies for this forum. I've read so many posts and I'm not sure where I fit in. But I'll give you my story and thanks in advance for your input.

    My fiancee is Cuban and I'm a black American. He's MIL, who is 80, moved from the eastcoast down south. In a nutshell, we all live together. At first I was OK with the idea b/c I was thinking we could be a family and when we have kids she could be a huge help. A year later, I regret me being ...
  3. The Package Drama: read on for a good laugh.

    I'm a long time lurker, first time blogger. My future mother in law is a nuts, and almost everyone around her know it. I have enough stories about her madness to write a book. I have been lurking on this site for years, reading advice from all of you wise ladies (and men). I have been too afraid to post, even when I finally signed up last year I only posted once. I was, and still am, afraid she will find me. But now I feel like I am at a point where I need to start writing about it, so that I can ...
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  4. Pins and Needles

    Seems I am always on pins and needles....must always mind my p's and q's, etc, etc., with my MIL. I think we must have started off on the wrong foot right from the gitgo. When the first words out of her mouth after meeting her the first time were: 'How tall are you!?!? Put your back up next to mine and let's see who is taller!'....I should have known that things were going to be rocky.

    Every time we encounter each other (my MIL and I) there is always an issue. Sometimes, I dont ...
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  5. Need advise for Son

    Our son remarried his wife 10 years almost to the day. The problem is ... her Mom lived with her, and almost 3 years later still does. This MIL has a very good job, and could easily live own her own, but continue to stay with this couple. It's obvious that Daughter does not want Mom to move out, becuse She depends on Momma for money, even though our Son and his wife both work, and make a decent living. DIL just needs to live with in her means and on a budget. DIL, pretty much at this point is ...
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