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  1. Lurking in my Sub-conscience

    I had a nightmare last night that MIL showed up at our home and decided to start taking things out of our home and was loading up a moving van with all of our belongings. She was taking our wedding photos off of the wall and cackling, "You won't be needing these anymore!"
    Needless to say, I woke up in a pissed off mood. I usually don't remember my dreams...but I remember this one. YUK!
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  2. Nasty piece of work

    I can't stress just how vile
    my MiL is. It got so bad, I've not had any contact with her for well over a year now. She and I never got on, but shortly after the wedding she turned on me, saying she'd had high hopes her son was going to marry her pal's daughter! It's not like I came out of the blue and stolen him away. We'd been going out since we were 16yrs and married at 22yrs!
    Then her campaign of lies and vicious stories began. She'd go to my FiL whim she had under ...
  3. I am so tired of her.

    Mostly I am so sickened by myself.

    I knew back in March when I moved into HER house to housesit as well as to help her when she came home that it was a bad idea.

    I am such a spineless coward I should have no then; but oh no! I moved in and now she is coming home. Of course she is coming to her home, it is HER home after all. No surprise there. The surprise is how quickly she has made us (my son and I) feel unwelcome. She isn't even back yet, and already it has ...
  4. POSTED 18 JUN 2011 - from FFH page

    There are days when I forget that I have ILs. And, then, there are days when I can't ignore that I do.

    I've never failed to be nice to them. If I run into MIL, I say, "Hi," because I don't want to be rude (but, I don't seek her out). Little SIL needed to borrow my iPod cable, and, though I haven't heard from her in close to a year, I agreed when she texted asking to borrow it. She had FIL return it. She couldn't even be bothered delivering it herself. I should mention that ...
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  5. POSTED 4 JUN 2011 - from FFH page

    I realized something today. I refer to FIL as my FIL when talking about him, and I just thought I should introduce myself as his DIL, but I've never FELT like a DIL. Is that weird?

    There's an event on tomorrow. A small country town event thing, and I'm sure FIL will be there at some stage (MIL too, probably, but I try to pretend she won't, so I don't worry about going). My accent usually has people asking who I am, where I'm from, how I got here, etc., etc. That's when I thought that ...
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