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  1. POSTED 23 FEB 2011 - from FFH page

    Part 2: Mum will say, "Give your dog and your DH a hug for me," any time we leave off a conversation. She'll remember DH for birthdays and special occasions (Easter and Christmas). She is, quite honestly, my idea of the near-perfect MIL. She shows him (via me) that she cares about him and our relationship. She doesn't call and smother us. She doesn't try and turn me against him, or separate us. She DID have me go back to Australia for 2 months (she paid), when dad got sick. He didn't want ...
    Mother-In-Law Blog
  2. POSTED 22 FEB 2011 - from FFH page

    Part 1 I don't know if this counts as a true MIL story (because it's not a b!tchy story). But, here goes:

    I've taken to reading the archives. It's helping me to read other people's stories and find new ways to deal with the MIL issues. I've noticed that, 99% of the time, DILs are writing the stories about their DH's mother. Why is that? Maybe guys just don't care enough to come to the site to vent?

    So, it got me thinking, objectively, what is MY mother like to my DH? ...
    Mother-In-Law Blog
  3. POSTED 30 NOV 2010 - from FFH page

    Now, on to a more personal story - it always starts with the wedding: DH and I lived in a different state from his family, but he wanted to get married in his home state. Two weeks before the wedding, I went to stay with his parents, and everything was fine. They were very accommodating. That was VASTLY different to the rest of the wedding planning time. Being Australian, our wedding was Australian. I'm not talking koalas and kangaroos everywhere. I mean Aussie customs and traditions. I saw no need ...
  4. POSTED 28 NOV 2010 - from FFH page

    Now, we come to one of the most recent issues: When DH and I moved back to his home state (6 months after being married), MIL offered for us to live with her, FIL, and 16 year old SIL, until we found our own place. She knew we were looking for a place to live. We, of course, accepted (little did I know it was a BAD idea!). We moved in in April.

    I, being an immigrant, wasn't able to work just yet. My work permit and/or green card had not arrived. I was also unable to drive, because ...
  5. POSTED 26 NOV 2010 - from FFH page

    We moved in with GMIL (MIL's mother), when MIL kicked us out. Turns out, cruelty runs in the family. Long story short: She kicked my puppy. Made all the worse that my puppy was 10 weeks old and recovering from an attack by another dog (she also insisted that I rescue this dog from where we got it). She told DH that I "needed to learn how to be a wife".

    She didn't wish me happy birthday, even after DH walked in with a huge "happy birthday" balloon and she asked ...

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