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  1. My mother in law told me she hates me to my face

    Hello guys - I need to vent - or advice - or anything.

    Right after my husband and I got married my mother in law took me aside to tell me she hates me and she only tolerates me because my husband loves me other she wants nothing to do with me and thats how she feels and that's how she ever felt. This was a month after we got married. Now, she has been very very pleasant to me before the wedding. She was super lovely and has been nothing but kind. I loved and respected her so much ...
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  2. Monster mother in law

    Just needed to offload! For years my mother in law has made snide remarks about giving her grandchildren but doing it when my husband was out of earshot. We had been trying for ages and then went to fertility investigations only to be told due to medical issues on my husbands part it would be unlikely we would conceive naturally. When we broke the news she still made me feel like I was the problem and was no support during treatment when I got sick. Luckily it worked first time and I thought our ...
  3. Love my MIL...

    My MIL has been amazing... Last October, I had an emergency appendectomy and she helped me get out of my mother's car and helped me inside mine and my husband's apartment. My MIL and I may have had our ups and downs but I am thankful I have the support from her that I really needed. I don't recall if she was here when I had my thyroid removed (due to cancer according to hospital records). But I have had loads of support over the last year or so.
  4. MIL left out of wedding planning

    I am looking for advice as how to open communication between my son and his fiancé about their upcoming wedding. I have not been included in any planning but received an email as to when and where the wedding was going to be. I told my son that I was disappointed in how that was handled and felt it would have been better to call and discuss it with us. This was met with ok we will try to keep you informed. That didn't happen. Recently we went to her home town to meet her mother and look at rehearsal ...
  5. Possible Overseas Opportunity

    Quote Originally Posted by exscapegoat View Post
    Thanks! I'll keep you all posted. I think I can get my boss onboard, it's a matter of getting her boss and her boss's boss on board

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