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  1. POSTED 23 NOV 2010 - from FFH page

    Another story to explain the MIL & the IL's. DH was in the Armed Forces. He left for Iraq and all that "fun stuff". When he came back, after one of his deployments, he discovered they had taken their pick of anything he'd left in his room. He took back anything he was particularly concerned about, and just ignored other bits (like clothing etc.).

    When DH was little, he got an ingrown toenail. He had it for over 6 months. His mother refused to take him to the doctor. ...
  2. POSTED 21 NOV 2010 - from FFH page

    Thanksgiving Story: My DH's family usually splits up for Thanksgiving. His parents go to his maternal grandmother's for lunch (as well as the rest of MIL's siblings/cousins etc.), and to his paternal grandmother's for dinner (and the rest of FIL's siblings/cousins etc.). It's one or the other, and I believe they switch lunch/dinner every other year or something.

    Anyway, maternal GMIL is the one DH and I lived with for 3 months (the one that kicked my 10-week old puppy when she was ...
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