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  1. Limbo Living Pt.2

    We move swiftly on...
    The job that is sucking the life out of me is also going to be the sole income for us as a couple once we move out and I fight a growing feeling of being trapped.
    I tell my husband I am not sure how much more I can take, I feel miserable and an insurmountable pressure - once I have time to start fertility treatment again and IF I fall pregnant I know that I will have to quickly return to work, DH is not able to support us financially. Any baby we have will be ...
  2. Limbo Living

    I will try and be succinct but an awful lot of confusing things have been going on...for a long time
    After meeting my husband 6 years ago, I soon moved into his family's home at the kind insistence of his parents. I moved an hour away from the house I rented leaving my friends, family and life as I knew it to give our budding romance the best possible chance.
    Everything moved very fast, in hindsight our new relationship was watched at close hand by his relatives who at times probably ...
  3. being the MIL

    Are there any other moms out there? Ones who possibly are having trouble negotiating the touchy daughter-in-law relationship? I am having trouble building a trusting, loving relationship with one of my DILs, and am just curious if there is anyone else out there feeling out of balance? I am a mom who raised 3 boys, no daughters, and i am really struggling with this. She has been married to my son for 9 years and while i am still very close with my son, i feel a strain on the whole family dynamic ...
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  4. My in-laws criticized and insulted me and now it's awkward

    Hello, I need advice and this is somewhat of a long story with a few different aspects.
    I am American and a year and a half ago I moved to Italy to be with my Italian husband. My in-laws were nice, I wouldn't say we had the closest relationship but no problems. My SIL is nice but I have absolutely nothing in common with her so when I see her we say hello and do small talk but I can never have a conversation with her because it's like pulling teeth.
    My husband works out of the country ...
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  5. In-laws won't respect husband's wishes.

    Hi, everyone! I am new here and I am still trying to learn the ropes. So, please bear with me!

    My husband and I have been married for four years and together for six. We started dating in high school and got married after we graduated. The entire time we were dating and engaged his parents acted like they loved me, but started playing a different tune as soon as we said our vows. After we got married my husband and I moved in together and started trying to live our lives as a couple ...
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