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  1. Christmas In-law debockle

    I'm posting hoping some other daughter-in-laws and their "experiences" can help me in figuring out what the next step should be in my DH and my "Debockle" (what we're calling it).

    There have been issues with my MIL & I since my DH and I started dating. There's many I could share, but my "debockle" is regarding the most recent problem.

    MIL texted DH that she would be taking DS from noon 6 or 7pm on a Sat. or Sun. Which worked for DH. ...
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  2. Pregnant on purpose?

    My DXH's youngest brother got married a few years ago. One of the brothers lived 2.5hrs away by flight across the sea. They couldn't come back. His wife would be pregnant in her last few weeks of 3rd trimester with her 3rd child by the time the wedding takes place. They also had just came over for his engagement ceremony during her 1st trimester which caused them a lot of money to travel. Obviously they had spent thousands already.

    MIL's insinuating comment was that they fell pregnant ...
  3. Logically speaking

    3 years into marriage, my DXH (Dear Ex-Husband) approached me to ask if I could be the guarantor to the car that MIL wanted to purchase. Since she had then just quit her job (to concentrate on her sons weddings... Yes sincerely my God why???), the car was to be under his name. The family is all botched up with bad financial record so no one else's credit was good except his.

    Since their record was terrible, and I was a guarantor already for bis brother who did not pay up his (where ...
  4. Angst

    MIL is a pain.

    When my ex wanted to divorce me, I went to her for help. For the record, my relationship history with her is not good. I'm the least preferred DIL of hers for the reason that she is not able to control me - I didn't allow her to bully me.

    Anyway, she said the reasons was because I didn't cook for my ex.

    We were married for 11 years and had moved out from my mom's to stay on our own during the final 3 years we were married. I cooked as ...
  5. I am looking for magazine atricle. How I got my mother in law running for the door.

    I am looking for a magazine article that I read in one of the womens magazines. How I got my mother in law running out or for the door. It starts out with the mother in law arriving at her sons house and the room she is put in doesn't even have a stop for her to put her purse down anywhere let alone her suitcase.
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