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  1. MIL left out of wedding planning

    I am looking for advice as how to open communication between my son and his fiancé about their upcoming wedding. I have not been included in any planning but received an email as to when and where the wedding was going to be. I told my son that I was disappointed in how that was handled and felt it would have been better to call and discuss it with us. This was met with ok we will try to keep you informed. That didn't happen. Recently we went to her home town to meet her mother and look at rehearsal ...
  2. Possible Overseas Opportunity

    Quote Originally Posted by exscapegoat View Post
    Thanks! I'll keep you all posted. I think I can get my boss onboard, it's a matter of getting her boss and her boss's boss on board
  3. MIL Moving In With Us

    Any advice would be appreciated. We are a couple mid-30s that have been married for just 2 years. Well, we have been fortunate not to have major hurdles, but now I have his mother coming to live with us in our home. She had moved to Cali 10 years ago and moved in with her father, who has now been gone for almost 2 years. She is an able bodied and active woman in her 60s. She works in California and over a year ago, once her dad passed, their house went into foreclosure due to non payments. She has ...
  4. MIL on Mother's Day

    I have been a mother for almost 18 years and my MIL has never said "Happy Mother's Day" to me!! Anyone else experience this?
  5. What is the worst your mil/fil has done?

    My mil (and fil too) have both done annoying -messed up things in the 12 years I've been with their son. First started with the dad always coming over doing the yard or whatever to our house without really asking just telling us, father being mad that after we married I took over the bills not him ( I hated that my husband would just hand over his check every week), getting married they offered to pay for the wedding but the mom wanted to pick and change things, calling us on our honeymoon MORE ...
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