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  1. How was your day?

    Today my mil physically assaulted me at a bank. Over the tolerance limit for her drama.
  2. New Here

    Hi There,

    I'm glad I found this forum, because it's so helpful to be able to chat and vent with other ladies who totally understand. I've been with DH for 10 years, married for 6, and we have 2 kids. His parents have been unpleasant from the beginning. They live in another country and resent that their son moved here to the US to be with me. They also don't like that I am direct, since they prefer the passive-aggressive method.

    Over the years, things have gotten somewhat ...
    Mother-In-Law Blog
  3. Enmeshment Issues

    I have been with my significant other for 5 years now. My situation is a little different because I am not married to him. I have a residence with my child and he bought a house with his mother. The thing is, he is a wonderful, gentle, kind guy, but he is also BFFs with his mother. She cooks for him every night and they have all their bills together and she says she takes care of him like she did her husband. He wants me to move in and gets frustrated because I don't. But his mom is boss of ...
  4. Living a nightmare

    Me and my husband moved 17hours to live with his mom till we got on our feet down in Georgia. We were down here maybe two weeks all of sudden my mil turned into the worst person ever! Says we got 1 month to be out of her house, after she said before we even got here that she wanted us here and wanted us to take our time of getting our own place. I've tried and tried with my mil to get along to be nice to let all her rude looks and her attitude go, but its like nothing I do is good enough! I always ...
    Mother-In-Law Blog
  5. MIL visiting

    MIL told DH last weekend she & FIL were coming to visit following weekend. Have not heard from them since; I do not know if they are definitely coming or not. DH will not honor my request to call them to find out. I don't feel like spending money on groceries if they aren't serious about visiting.
    Second item of concern is MIL brings incense to burn. Last visit I found incense ash on the carpet in the bedroom where they stayed. I get instant headaches when I smell incense, however, ...

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