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  1. Mil's selfishness know no bounds

    21 years ago I married my DH, we had both been divorced. He had a beautiful 3 year old daughter and I had my precious 7 year old son. We married 9/14/1996. Christmas that year my MIL welcomed me with a video of my DH and his Xwife. I looked at the Christmas tree and she has ornaments of the X and my DH names on them. And she got worse after that. Calling The x and stating that I had hurt my husbands child. Long story short we stopped talking with my MIL for almost 2 1/2 years. My great and loving ...
  2. Bad MIL of course

    My husband and I have been married almost a year, his Mother...the cunning witch that she is sent us both an email a few months after we got engaged wanting us to purchase a house with a granny flat or enough land where she could build a small house, apparently selling her house to help with us. YEAH RIGHT! Even per my husband she is a mooch and has lived off off people her whole life. I did not respond back to her assuming he would tell her no and he never did. He ignored it, I ignored it too until ...
  3. It is about my daughter now

    I come from a culture where most people live with their in laws. My husband's family has always been dysfunctional and my problems have always been there with my pushy mother in law but after the baby it's been so difficult.

    I have a stressful job and often have to work 3 hours after normal office hours. I was suggested bed rest by my doctor which i could not due to demanding work. My mother in law everyday complained about me not helping out in the house. And as if that was not enough, ...
  4. Mother In Law

    I married my husband just over a year ago, and dated him for 5 years before that. His mother was known as the over-bearing Mom who really needed to 'cut the umbilical chord'. My husband is obviously the favorite! My husband is active duty military and stationed in Kansas, and our families are from Ohio, so he rarely sees them (thankfully, as he says). He and his mother have had a very odd relationship. His mother was (and is) emotionally abusive, and a compulsive liar-- she lied about the parents ...
  5. My mother in law told me she hates me to my face

    Hello guys - I need to vent - or advice - or anything.

    Right after my husband and I got married my mother in law took me aside to tell me she hates me and she only tolerates me because my husband loves me other she wants nothing to do with me and thats how she feels and that's how she ever felt. This was a month after we got married. Now, she has been very very pleasant to me before the wedding. She was super lovely and has been nothing but kind. I loved and respected her so much ...
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