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    This is terrible and this is the first time I've come across such a situation, I think you should make it clear to your husband about this.
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    It's completely normal to want to know when a guest plans on leaving. Your DH is deflecting on you.He wants to save his mommy, even at your expense. Stop trying for a baby until you both can get into couples counseling.

    Sart setting boundaries now. Text her (include your husband in the chat) how long she has to stay and some ground rules (don't invite guest without asking ,knock before entering, no rearranging furniture). Make it clear that this is still Your house and she needs to respect you as suck. Beggars cannot be choosers.

    She only needs a place to stay because SHE screwed up. You aren't responsible for her mistakes. She's not giving you a plan because she doesn't intend on moving out. She is an adult and she needs to take care of herself. She needs to learn the consequences of her actions: she can be homeless or live in YOUR house under YOUR rules. Don't let her move in until you have a move out date. She can show up at your door, but you don't have to let her in.

    If you do let her move in with you, see if you can stay with your mother for a week or two. Most husbands get tired of their mothers real quick when wifey isn't around to act as a buffer.
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    You wanting to know some answers and timelines is reasonable. That your DuH is mad at you for asking these questions, is a huge red flag. You should stop trying for a child with your husband (double up on birth control that you control) for now until you know where you stand. I'm sorry you need to be here. Welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by modfern
    Few members read the blogs. Come over to the main forum and post there.
    Boundaries between parents and child living with them should be set before they stay with them.
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    Congratulations to the new blessing.
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    Do you speak up/stand up for yourself?
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    Thanks for feedback. I do think Dil is looking to be offended so she can tell my son. Do you think this is mirroring relationship with her father. You find something to hurt him (& son has said its breaking his heart) argue about it & he has to reaffirm his love commitment to her.
    I thought communication was two way street so we can understand each other better give & take on both sides. Apologies if some of post is duplicated.
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    Post this on forum.

    You are a strong person. That's too much for you to carry around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by modfern
    Come over to the main forums and repost. Not a lot of people read the blogs.
    I don’t have the option to post there.. if I do, I can’t figure out how! 😔
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    Come over to the main forums and repost. Not a lot of people read the blogs.
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