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  1. Should I run for the hills? Someone please help me...

    I do not have a MIL yet, but I been with my BF for 3 years now and his mom is ALREADY getting to me. I am worried that she might be a deal breaker in the near future. So I'm just going to lay this down in chronological order.

    -We got together

    -Him and his dad had problems and I took him in and kept in safe while he was skipping school ( of course I had to skip with him to make sure he would stay out of trouble ) His mom was aware of this when she came to his school ...
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  2. Final MIL fight, should husband and kids go to her holiday gatherings?

    So sick of my MIL. I am not a kid, we have been married 20 years but have two elementary kids. Briefly my MIL personality is rude, harsh, the kids learn profanity not from school but from their GRANDMA. She babysits and always goes against our rules for sugar, naps, etc. This last fight I found out she was trying to change the babysitting schedule without telling me, the mom. Then she answered that "she doesn't go through me - she never did and that is just how it is. She will only talk to ...
  3. Neighbor and mother-n-law

    Does anyone else have their mother-in-law as their neighbor? I am about to lose my mind!
  4. Just an Update

    I have since thought about deleting my posts. I felt bad - sinful for having posted about dearest lovely to the heart MIL across the world. Thinking that bad karma has approached me some way or another because of it.

    But I have just reread what I have written. They were worth posted.

    And by now, my DXH (Dear Ex-Husband), is now my DHA (Dear Husband Again). Yes, we got remarried. I will input my miseries (if any) later on. Just to note that he is back in my life. ...
  5. mil is driving me nuts

    Ok! first of all my dh and i have been living with his mother . Since we pay most of the rent , she does have a job an makes 3 times what we make in a month. Thing is she has nasty habits ,she is a CNA in a nurseing home. First her nasty habits include drinking , just here a drink there a drink she starts as soon as she gets home to what she calls her baby bottle. Second nasty habit she is unhygenic as to she does not clean up after self after she has been in the bathroom , and expects me ...

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