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  1. Mother in law makes me sick

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    My mother in laws true colors came out when I got married. She's making me sick
    My husband has always helped them because they are not financially stable. He pays there mortgage and on top of that ours !!! Wouldn't you think after all he does she would show some respect nope only calls him for money. And has no social skills. We just had a son doesn't show any concern. Mind you she treats her other son and wife and daughter so good when they don't give her a penny. Doesn't ever call
  2. I have a new word for everyone.

    So I'm new to this. My actual mother is a mod on this page and when I told her to story and what I referred to my MIL as, she said I had to post here. So here goes.

    I am only 22 (turning 23 in July). Yes yes, rather young. I am currently living with my boyfriend in his parents house. We have known each other for six or seven years and just celebrated our one year. His parents are wonderful people, kind, nice and accepting. Considerate might be going too far however... His mother (my ...
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  3. A woman who refused to be a mother-in-law

    Thank you everyone for reading my story. I just turned 34 and have Asperger Syndrome (not diagnosed until I was 25). That did not stop me from wanting to be in an intimate relationship, I just did not know what I was doing. When I first met my now ex-boyfriend at a mutual friend's birthday party in May 2008, I was in my late twenties pursuing my master's degree. We would hang out with our mutual friend (who have known each other since they were 12) and some friends (with the same diagnosis as me) ...
  4. Mucho M-I-L's.

    I once read in a satire book that one of the things you should look for in a potential husband is a dead mother-in-law. They can make your life either better or worse. I have two. The one who is nothing but critical and the one who is nothing but supportive, although when my kids were young and I was insecure, I didn't realize just how supportive she was. Now, sadly, she is dying of cancer. I will missher and try to be like her.

    I wish there were therapists who specialized ...
  5. Facebook and the upset MIL

    SOoo the real, most recent reason for the decision to stay away from th IL's...
    After 'Skyfall' came out my H and I ran to the theatre to watch it, we love all Bond films and I harbour a special love for Daniel Craig- my husband looks just like him minus 20 years. So a week after we saw the film, we raved about how awesome it was to the IL's. They promptly went to watch it and both totally agreed with me about how much H looks like Daniel Craig...
    Fast forward to yesterday, wickedly ...
    Mother-In-Law Blog

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