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  1. Logically speaking

    3 years into marriage, my DXH (Dear Ex-Husband) approached me to ask if I could be the guarantor to the car that MIL wanted to purchase. Since she had then just quit her job (to concentrate on her sons weddings... Yes sincerely my God why???), the car was to be under his name. The family is all botched up with bad financial record so no one else's credit was good except his.

    Since their record was terrible, and I was a guarantor already for bis brother who did not pay up his (where ...
  2. Angst

    MIL is a pain.

    When my ex wanted to divorce me, I went to her for help. For the record, my relationship history with her is not good. I'm the least preferred DIL of hers for the reason that she is not able to control me - I didn't allow her to bully me.

    Anyway, she said the reasons was because I didn't cook for my ex.

    We were married for 11 years and had moved out from my mom's to stay on our own during the final 3 years we were married. I cooked as ...
  3. Mother in Law driving me NUTS

    I am truly fed up this morning. My husband is a typical Mamas Boy and I feel that I can
    no longer stand his mothers meddling in our marriage. My husband is 50 years old, but
    his Mommy is still packing him lunch. Big lunch boxes with a balanced meal ( proteins, carbs, fruit, a juice, yoghurt and something sweet). He adores her for doing it and she obviously thrives on his appreciation. Its been said that she thinks that he is not being fed properly (by me). If I am to confront her ...
  4. I don't want to hate her but I do

    I'm new to this forum and I've been searching for something like this to vent out my frustration.I'm 31 and married for 5 months now. My parents in law are living in another state and I had an experience of living with them for 20 days right after my wedding as all the family including my husbands married brother and sister came to stay with us along with their kids. I git married with the hope of forming good relations with my in laws but they could not manage to form a good impression on me in ...
  5. Just trying to make it though the day....

    Quote Originally Posted by jkd View Post
    Cura. I know how you feel. My mom and dad passed many years ago and my brother passed away on Tuesday. He was my best friend. We could and would talk about everything. Like your dad he had my back. For years, my brother and I have been the black sheep of the family. Even though I have 3 sisters, I feel I am now alone as well. Hugs for you. I hope you are able to remember all the good times you had together over the years and that those memories will help bring you peace. Please take care

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