Othername of selfishness amd hypcricy is MIL

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I dont want to address heras my MIL,then it means i have some relation with her.
Iam married for 10 years with a kid.My husband is the only son with 3 sils.
DH is the doting son who cannot hear one word against his mother.
i craved for some love and affection from heartless people.i was taught in home family means we have to help each other but after coming here i see both mother and son only bother about themselves,DH busy with office work,goes early comes late,does not bother people are alive or not,even to take my child and me out,he thinks it is a chore,sometimes i even doubted if he has an affair,then he does'nt like spending money,in that case should hold their mother's saree and walk along.,why gget married and spoil our live.I even thought of divorce,but my son will suffer,so i have mentally divorced this person,whatever i get is a bonus and what i want which i dont get may be one day i will get.
Now coming to MIL,she talks so nicely to everyone,only to me she will abuse and criticize,she knows iam sensitive and take things to heart,so she will hurt and make me fight with my husband and in turn i scold my child when iam upset.she has spoiled my life for the past 10years.t
She is a true hypocrite,when iam sick she will not help but when iam okay she wants to take all the help and get her work done.
She will not help if i go for work and tall ill about me to her daughters.
She is fit as a fiddle and when iam sick she makes fun of it.

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