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Not sure what to do?

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Hi There,

I am new here. My name is Sue. I am having some major confusion right now. I have been married 17 years. My MIL is 90 years old. My MIL tried to kill herself. MIL was in the hospital. Now she is home recieving Hospice. The Dr's don't know how long she will live.

Here is the situation. My MIL has never had a thing to do with me. I have tried to form a realationship,but she never once has asked me to do any thing. Only if my husband has asked her to. My MIL has also said some really mean things to me. I used to go over to her house. I quit going 2 years ago because of some rude things my MIL has said to me. It really hurt my feelings. I also
quit going to my husbands family gathering. My niece said at Christmas time 2 years ago that they have been trying to get rid of me for years. It really hurt my feeling. Then my niece said she really didn't mean. Only problem is I felt she meant it. You don't tell people things like that if you care for them. I see this niece once a year. It really hurt my feeling,and humiliated,embarresed me. Now I don't fee comfortable,or welcomed in my in-laws family.

Well Ok, my MIL is dying. I am not quite sure if I should go to see her before she dies? I am confused? My MIL was
never really involved in my life. Its hard to care about a person who never cared back. I told my husband,I was
thinking about seeing his mom. He then said, I should not see her. That hurt my feeling to. I know my husband is dealing with alot. So I then told him I won't go see MIL at all. Not sure what to do? I probably won't see my MIL before she dies. I have never really done any thing nasty to my MIL,or in-laws. Most the time I am just quite.
Thanks Sue

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