MIL kicked him out

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I have decided that I will tell the story of my MIL in chronological order, like a journal, in case I ever need a written record of her behavior. This story is from a few year before DF and I met but I feel like I should include it because it is a good illustration of her craziness.

DF's parents split up when he was 11 years old. He had to live with his Mom because his Dad worked too much to have him full time. FFIL was supposed to get DF on the weekends but that didn't happen. Now FMIL and FFMIL were never married. They never had an official custody/child support agreement. It was decided that whatever parent had DF would pay the other 500 dollars a month plus half of any school/club/sport ect expenses. FFIL also paid all medical/dental expenses.

FMIL kept a dirty house. There was always laundry and dishes everwhere. She never cleaned up after herself; one time I saw her cook bacon for herself and leave the same pan on the stove for two months! After dinner one night DF put his dirty plate on the coffee table, next to her dirty plate, while he and FMIL were watching TV. This is how they normally do things. According to FFIL that is how it always was before he left and it was how she did things when I met her. Anyways on this particular day she told him to put his plate in the kitchen. They got into an argument about moving the plate. She threw him out of her house. She said "I don't want to be your mother anymore, I don't want anything to do with you." She actually said this. She gave him ten minutes to pack a bag and kicked him out. His Dad lived two hours away so DF waited outside, alone, in the dark for his DD to get him.

She didn't speak to DF for almost a year. She did however, a month after kicking DF out, come to her Ex's house and stand on the lawn screaming at my FFIL. What about? She wanted her child support payment! FFIL went outside and told her that he wouldn't be paying her a dime as long as he had their child, and if she didn't get off his lawn he would sue her for child support. That shut her up quick!

Almost a year later she slowly wiggled her way back into DF's life. He ended up moving back in with her as his DF was a heavy drinker at the time. It was not a good situation for a young teen. He had to choose between living with a crazy person who had periodic fits of madness and a drunk who kept him up late on school nights because he followed him to bed and wouldn't stop talking.

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