Im trying to not be cranky

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But ... I’ve been cranky lately, and my mama tiger claws are tungsten steel and razor sharp.

For once, I have a “good” Great Facilitator and Eel story. The moment I sent out the email to let everyone know, the Eel called, very concerned, and asked if there was anything she could do to help. Good wishes, prayers, etc. She and the GF are in warmer climes at this moment, so there’s not a lot she can do. I do appreciate the good wishes, as does Birdy. The only “sour” note was when the Eel called me last weekend, and the GF was calling out advice from the background. Apparently, he did not agree with the treatment plan “Team Birdy” is initiating, but the Eel admitted they were not up to par on their pregnancy/cancer expertise (sarcasm button - I told you I was cranky!)

Birdy’s SO, Southside Sausage Head has two parents who are convinced SSSH and Birdy are an ATM machine. This annoys Birdy to no end, and has caused fights I have personally witnessed.

Birdy is due to have her pic line and (important here) Level 2 ultrasound tomorrow. So, she will finally find out what flavor she is carrying. She tried to arrange for a ride to the hospital. SO’s mother in particular JUMPED on the idea. She soooooooooooo wanted to be supportive.

Le sigh. Her idea of supportive is to call Birdy 3-4 times per day and talk about how she’s doing … baby shower … baby … someone else’s baby … baby …

SSSH’s mother doesn’t drive. SSSH’s father was going to drive Birdy and the mom. But, they bailed. The reason doesn’t matter. Birdy called me up in a panic because she had only 48 hours to make other arrangements. Timing was bad for me, but OK for the Mensch. He will put on his Mensch cape and spend the day with Birdy.

Here’s the kicker – are you ready?

SSSH’s mom wanted to go with the Mensch. Why? You guessed it. She doesn’t want to be the last one to know what flavor Birdy has.

SSSH’s mom tried every argument in the book. “We could take a cab.” Birdy said no, we don’t have the money. “We could just get it from SSSH.” Birdy’s jaw dropped; it’s HER money too. “We could take public transportation.” Birdy had to remind the (w)itch that Birdy was sick and pregnant. Public transportation was. Not. Happening. SSSH’s mother tried a little end-run past Birdy to her son. Thankfully, SSSH knows me and his mother, and told her “ma, that’s not a good idea. It won’t work. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.” He hung up the phone, looked at Birdy and said “your mother will kill my mother, and I don’t want to be responsible.”

Fraking-A I will … you treat my sick, pregnant daughter like a womb donor and I will treat you like a tiger treats raw steak. Deal?

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  1. caranfin's Avatar
    << He hung up the phone, looked at Birdy and said “your mother will kill my mother, and I don’t want to be responsible.”>>

    Well, apparently the dear boy does have a tiny lick of sense.
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