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We moved in with GMIL (MIL's mother), when MIL kicked us out. Turns out, cruelty runs in the family. Long story short: She kicked my puppy. Made all the worse that my puppy was 10 weeks old and recovering from an attack by another dog (she also insisted that I rescue this dog from where we got it). She told DH that I "needed to learn how to be a wife".

She didn't wish me happy birthday, even after DH walked in with a huge "happy birthday" balloon and she asked who it was for. So, she knew it was my birthday. The day after my birthday she told DH, "Your wife is lazy. She did her dishes and not mine." DH did the dishes from lunch the day of my birthday, so when we went to dinner and a movie that night, she wouldn't be inconvenienced.

She would invite people over (including her deadbeat son, who's our age) and give them our food and drinks. She was constantly stealing our food, especially eggs and bread.

When DH offered to vacuum (I tried a few times, but she watches TV 24/7 - she is on oxygen, so she rarely leaves the house), she told DH, "Your WIFE (emphasis included) needs to learn how to keep house. Your WIFE needs to learn how to be a WIFE. Your WIFE needs to do something." She refused to allow him to vacuum. If I didn't do it, no one was allowed to do it.

She released our puppy from her kennel (we were out, and she was still toilet training) and left the room open. Her dog came in and peed on our bed (we were sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags). She blamed us, because our puppy was making noise and refused to apologize.

She told us that her landlord told her we needed to move out at the end of the month or she would be evicted. It's a small town, and DH ran into her landlords that same day, at a store they owned. There was no mention of us moving out, just that GMIL needs to pooper-scoop for her dog and not leave it on community property.

This does not relate to us, but it shows her character: She told me that her DS, who has health problems, is concerned with having kids. She even went on to explain to me why. There were very personal details - emphasis on VERY personal.

She also was given a chair by the family of a friend who had passed. It's one of those that will recline at the push of a button, and then help you stand up when you press another button. She didn't need the chair, and wanted to sell it. She was offering it to people (including family members) for $600. Even when it was pointed out that she got it for free, she said, "Yes, but it's worth at least $1000. So $600 is cheap."

She wants to get rid of her large dining table and chairs (6 person table). She is offering that for $50 for the table, and $10 per chair. DH knows that she paid $50 for the set. When that was pointed out, she said, "Yes, but I want to make a profit."

Signed - Seems Being A B!tch Runs In The Family

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