Is it me?

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Am I being too sensitive?

That's a hard question to ask myself. I'm getting furious at the Mensch because he won't pick up his clothes or complains when he has to do dishes. But this is nothing new.

I want to slap my youngest daughter, Lulu, who has always been difficult. She is getting cranky with me. I know she's worried about her sister and is caring for her, but I don't deserve her venom.

Tonight, I called Birdy at about 9 p.m. She didn't answer. It could have been because she was in the shower, or knocked out cold.

So I texted Lulu to ask if Birdy was nesting down for the night. A short, terse reply came back, "yes." OK, so now I know not to call back in a little while. I needed to let Birdy get some sleep. No probs.

I got home, hopped on Facebook, and saw that Lulu had posted a profanity-laced rant about "Why is it that I have to be the social connection? Can't get a hold of someone? Oh I know, I'll call or text Trish, she'll connect me through! I'm not anyone' f###ing secretary. You can't get a hold of them, then they are either busy or dont want to talk to you... I'm &%$# done with this S@!t"

A woman in class was a snot tonight. She is taking a class I've already taken, so I had my final project with me and thought I'd show it to her. She actually sneered and said "hm. Nice."

Thank you so much, (w)itch, for making me feel stupid.

And old friend from high school said something snarky about an even older friend from high school. OMG! Was he always such a judgmental, condescending, self-rightous prig? Is the fact she put out in high school (30+ years ago) truly relevant to who and what she is today? Do I really need this?

Then, to add the fluffernut to my feces sandwich, the Mensch sprinkled on too much a@@hole dust and has outdone himself in p/a chicanery. He made an entire 8-quart pot of stew, and DELIBERATELY seasoned it badly so that Moon Goddess and I wouldn't "eat it all up" on him. How do I know? When I gently tried to tell him the stew didn't taste good, he said "Good! I'm thrilled! Now maybe the food I make won't get eaten up."

The food I pay half of... 8 quarts of stew... the mind boggles.

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  1. mharbourgirl's Avatar
    One of those weeks, is it? Deep breaths, honey. This too shall pass. Now take a look at everything you've written and identify the flaws in your logic.

    Your DH is human. He's going to have his ridiculous moments and as frustrating as they are, they're really not that big of a deal in the long run. Ignore his moaning about doing household chores. As long as he does them, you don't have to take his whining personally, because it's not. He's just having a lazy moment and KNOWS he's being a twit. As for the stew thing, well, HE's going to be the one eating it, so if it tastes bad that's all on him. Why someone would cook a giant pot of stew and fix it so people won't eat it is beyond me, though. That's REALLY stupid. The point of cooking is to eat the stuff that's cooked, that's WHY you cook. So he's just being an idiot. Tell him he'd BETTER eat that entire batch, because wasting money on food just isn't on. And then forget about it. Really, forget about it. It's an attention-getting ploy, that's all, and you know better than to give him the attention he's childishly seeking.

    As for your daughters, I'm surprised at you, Shiksa. Look at what you just wrote. Why are you expecting Lulu to be the social secretary for Birdy? Yes, things are tough for Birdy right now, I have tons of sympathy for her. But you need to give her space too. She will see your number on her phone if she wasn't able/willing to answer it at that moment, and she'll call you back when she's up for it, I'm quite certain. Stop putting poor Lulu in the middle and then getting upset when SHE gets upset at you. Lulu IS worried about her sister, but I don't think she's supposed to monitor Birdy's every twitch and breath. Your daughters are adults. Do them the credit of treating them as such and give them their space. Respect Lulu's desire NOT to be the watchdog for Birdy. I think that will go a long way towards easing the tension between you.

    The woman in your class - honey, some people are just arses. Now you know that she's not interested in any sort of friendly relationship with you, you can consign her to oblivion in your head and get on with the class. She is truly not worth wasting energy on with a reaction like that. Same with old friend who digs up 30-year-old dirt on high school classmates. That's a juvenile, immature thing to do and now you know what sort of a person she really is. Not the sort of person you want in your life, because who's to say she's not dropping little nasty gems about YOU to other people? Cut her out of your life and call it a day. She's shown you who she really is - believe her.

    I've had the week from hell too, honey, I am nothing but sympathetic. I just think you need to step back and examine things from a slightly broader viewpoint. You're starting to take things far too personally - that's not healthy in the long run.

    Now go be nice to yourself for a while - bubble bath, long walk, indulgent dessert, whatever will lift your spirits, and remember that there are a whole lot of people who love you, both here and in your family. Your husband loves you, your daughters love you, even if they're getting up your nose right now. Just make sure that you aren't also getting up THEIR noses, and eventually things will settle down.

  2. TexasDawn's Avatar
    Chiming in VERY late, but my opinions are the complete opposite of mharborgirls. Sounds like your husband was being a selfish, rude jerk. I wouldn't have darkened the kitchen door until all his stew was gone. Lulu sounds obnoxious. I despise it when people take go to Facebook to slap someone in the face. She knew you would read that and know that it was aimed at you. Nasty. Your daughter is sick, so you asked her sister if she was okay? That just makes you a mom who cares. The woman at the class? You should have smiled sweetly at her and said, "Goodness, that sure came across ugly. Hope you didn't really mean it that way!"

    If you had been here that day, I'd have given you a hug and apologized that you had to live through such a mean day.

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