Even if no one reads this, Venting makes me feel So much better!

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Well, This is my first 'STORY' on here. Where to begin..

First off I have two beautiful kids with my boyfriend of 5 years. Or should I say with him and my MIL. We lived with her until my daughter was about 4 months old and in December we had to move back do to the cutbacks at my boyfriends job. I FEEL LIKE IM GOING CRAZYY!!! I am a proud SAHM and as soon as my MIL walks in the door I cringe.

She is CONSTANTLY commenting on how to dress my kids, what they eat, how i do their hair, etc. She acts like I dont know my own kids AT ALL. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she has very wild, curly hair which is always in her face. I cant even count how many times ive heard that i should cut bangs in her hair and how many times shes asked my 2 year old if she wants her to bring her for a haircut. She's NOT YOUR kid!!! I can never just put her in time out without my MIL lecturing her while shes doing her time. SHE 2! She wont remeber!!! Or how about I need to buy organic this and that and how I really should try changing my daughters diet to cut out "all the sugar and junk" she eats. (Mind you, my daughter eats pretty good and YES, she does have chips and stuff sometimes). BUT, then Ive heard about 1000 times how at her age, (my boyfriend) just ate chips and ice cream because he wasnt eating anything else and his pediatrician said it was ok. OK HYPOCRIT!

Me and my bf's room is in their finished bm along with my 7 month old. My daughter is in a bedroom upstairs.MIL is ALWAYS just coming in and out of our room without knocking. IT IS SO ANNOYING! We give them a decent amount of rent, contribute to groceries, and she almost never has to clean the kitchen or downstairs bathroom because I do, I mean I am home so i dont mind. I keep the two rooms were staying in clean along with the upstairs bathroom we use. I make sure to not abuse the electricity or hat water (which we give her money for anyways) because I dont need to hear some nonsense from her.

On top of everything else, MIL seems to think she is the third party in me and her son's relationship or in the little family we've made. MIL wants to know when he gets paid, how much he gets paid, when we leave the house where were going, and when were going to be back. If my BF runs out at night kinda late to go to the corner store, she comes down in our room (without knocking) and asks where he went. HE IS A GROWN MAN. I understand we are living under her roof, but were financially and in other ways contributing to the household. IS OT TOO HARD TOO ASK FOR A LITTLE PRIVACY!?

I know what you're thinking. Why dont we just nicely sit down with her ask ask very politely for a little privacy right? Well, no luck there since make one little mention of any issue WE might have and MIL freaks out! About 2 weeks after we moved back my BF has MIL if she could please wait to put her high heels on in the morning (she leaves very early for work) because its super loud in the basement on the wood floors. Instead of considering his polite request she legit freaked out on us about how much money we cost her( such a lie) and how shes sooo inconvienienced with US living there and bla bla. ALL LIES. She does nothing outside of going to work and coming home so we give her something to do by living there.

Ill end my rant by saying that it sounds kind of crazy and funny but Im rteally having the hardest time living here this time around. I literally cannot hear her voice anymore. I wish, I wish on a star that I could have a polite, adult conversation without MIL freaking out. Im stuck between a rock and a hard place; The more I hold it in the more it drives me crazy, and if i do let it out Ill probably be so uncomfortable living here). UGHHHHHH

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  1. sj1980's Avatar
    Actually what I'm thinking is why the heck don't you find a way to move out?
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