Need any info on nosebleeds...

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Okay so about a year ago I started having really bad nosebleeds. I was having them about once to three times a week. They would bleed for atleast 30 minutes if not longer. Whats so strange is I had Never Ever had a nose bleed my entire life until then. I just started having them constantly and it is normally in the mornings or before lunch. So about 5 months ago I went to a nose specialist and she Cautherized my nose. That"s where they burn the vessel shut so it wont bleed anymore. I had one more nosebleed the very next week and haven't had any since until this morning. I went 4 months without a single nosebleed. This morning it last over an hour of slow bleeding. I'm afraid this is a sign or symptom of something worse. But when I go to the Doc they act like its "normal". But the thing is it is not "normal" for me until about a year ago and I am 30 years old. Does anyone have any advice on this... It's driving me crazy . I dont know what to do now....

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    The wikipedia article is pretty long and indicates there could be all sorts of causes for this sort of thing. One thing that jumped out at me was a recent increase in blood pressure is sometimes the cause. Have you checked your blood pressure lately? My DH had regular nosebleeds for quite a few years in his teens and early 20's, caused by severe hay fever. His nose would run so bad with pollen and dust and grass allergies that it'd start to bleed. He seems to have grown out of that, though.

    I would suggest finding a new doctor. If your doctor isn't actually listening to you, find one that will. If this has only started happening recently for you, it indicates that SOMETHING has changed in your health status and it needs to be investigated, because there are just so many different things that might be the cause.
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