Today Was Great.... NOT!

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Well, today started out horrible. As usual. We live in a 1935 old farmhouse with a front porch. When we moved in, there were 2 barn swallow nests on the front porch under the eaves. I left them alone at that time because there were babies in it. When winter came around, I knocked down the 2 nests.
Well, here it is springtime and the swallows are coming around again trying to build their nests.
I don't want them on the front porch because they poop all over everything, will dive bomb you if you get too close, and can cause diseases.
My mother in law has been seeing the swallows on the front porch for the last couple days and keeps mentioning it to me. Well, she mentioned it this morning and I told her to go scare them off. She said No. She wants them on the porch.
I told her why I didn't want them there and she ignored me. So as I'm heading to the door to go scare them myself, she stops me and says she wants them there again. I told her again why I didn't. And she pops up with the stupid statement of "You're not the only one here."
I flat out told her, they poop all over everything on the porch, they are bad for your health, and I am not allowing them to build there.
During all this, my husband is upstairs trying to get some work done and says he can hear us both yelling. And my mother in law wants to know why I'm yelling. I told her because she keeps interrupting me and not listening to what I'm saying.
I put some hardware cloth up in the corners so the birds can't build nests there.
As I was putting that up, my brother in law comes for a visit. He brings hostas, bleeding hearts, lilacs, and some other plant. Mother in law doesn't ask what my wishes are and just starts digging up the area between the house and the sidewalk, and plants all these plants up next to the house. Now we have a basement with drainage issues. She has just pulled up all the plastic weed prevention sheet, all the red lava rock that was there, and now it's bare dirt and 6 plants. Which is going to make the water just soak down into the ground and leak into the basement.
Did she just not say that I wasn't the only one here about the damn birds, but when it comes to something she wants... I apparently have no damn say at all. I feel like a guest in my own damn house.

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    Dump your husband.
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