You're doing this to a pregnant cancer patient? Really?

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You b!tches need to leave the drama back in high school ...

Why don't people realize that cancer patients really suffer from stress - that stress makes cancer worse? For frak's sake, people, here's your sign: DO NOT START A FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER ON A CANCER PATIENT'S FACEBOOK PAGE!!! OR MOMMA TIGER WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!

Birdy tends to communicate with people via her Facebook page because ... well ... that's all she has the energy for.

This past weekend, poor Fledgling came down with the flu. Birdy posted on her Facebook page: I feel like such a crappy mother - my baby has the flu and I can't even take care of her!

Next, her ex-husband's latest victim MUST chime in: oh, no! Fledgling can't miss too many school days, she'll get in trouble ... blah blah blah. (Apparently Birdy's ex and Latest Victim plan to pull Fledgling out of school for a vacation.)

Third in the line up of Family Disfunction Junction, is ex-husband's sister, who will take any opportunity to take a pot shot at Latest Victim, especially if it goes public: You know, Latest Victim, you should show a little more compassion for a sick child and stop worrying about your vacation plans.

Fourth in the Disfunction line-up, is ex-husband's mother, who must have just learned how to use a computer, because I haven't seen or heard from her since Birdy molted her Walking Waste of Human Flesh son: Yeah, Latest Victim, not not always about you, you know.

To make a long story, a little bit shorter, Latest Victim spits something back out, Sissy replies ... and then along comes Rambolina (my darling daughter-in-law) who stops everything before I have a chance to do so:

Look people, I don't know any of you, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to, but Birdy has enough to worry about without your petty bickering on Facebook. Knock it off!

Have I mentioned before how much I love Rambolina?

Birdy ended up taking the post down. Smart girl.

I hate it when people are insensitive and take advantage of the sick.

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  1. Pamme64's Avatar
    The stress of being a cancer patient is not something you can begin to understand until you have lived it or have been the support person of a cancer patient. Poor Birdy.

    Maybe it is time for her to block these idiots.
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