I am so tired of her.

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Mostly I am so sickened by myself.

I knew back in March when I moved into HER house to housesit as well as to help her when she came home that it was a bad idea.

I am such a spineless coward I should have no then; but oh no! I moved in and now she is coming home. Of course she is coming to her home, it is HER home after all. No surprise there. The surprise is how quickly she has made us (my son and I) feel unwelcome. She isn't even back yet, and already it has started...

I will be moving out just as soon as I find a place... The coming months (until she falls apart again; it's just a matter of time until she does) will be hell. Poor S my son asked her why she made me cry. Talk about a CBF! He called her mean and told her to go to her time out!! LOL! Apparently S is disrespectful, talk about pot meeting kettle...

Pray that I can find another home for us before her fat Jabba the Hut ass comes home. After all it IS her home!

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