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MIL is a pain.

When my ex wanted to divorce me, I went to her for help. For the record, my relationship history with her is not good. I'm the least preferred DIL of hers for the reason that she is not able to control me - I didn't allow her to bully me.

Anyway, she said the reasons was because I didn't cook for my ex.

We were married for 11 years and had moved out from my mom's to stay on our own during the final 3 years we were married. I cooked as often as I could and did every night. I did all I could. But she never came without an invitation. The only night she came without an invitation was the time she wanted to get my ex's signature to secure her purchase of her high end car.

She told her other DIL that I never let her in my heart and was happily letting me go. When my mother tried to intervene, to discuss how they can help parent to parent, she refused, told my ex and let everything else blowup in my face.

On the divorce day, we sat separate benches in court. After I was divorced, I found her crying to pieces as MY MOTHER cradled her to calm her down. WTH? She never tried to patch it up. It was MY MOTHER'S daughter that was divorced, not hers. I only know my FIL was so distraught he just went out immediately after.

I kept a distance from the family afterwards. Then she texted me 3 times without any provocation.

1. Stop disturbing my son.
2. I've had enough of you for 11 years and I'll find him a better wife.
3. Even if you're so wanting my son back, don't even try to take him away from his parents.

I know all she wants is money. When the wife's not working, she'd force them to work. When they do, she keeps insinuating that they take the money out from her sons.

Now I'm patching things up with my ex. She's still there trying to intervene. No one dares to say my name in front of her. And I shall not do anything about her for that second text she sent me.


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