Logically speaking

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3 years into marriage, my DXH (Dear Ex-Husband) approached me to ask if I could be the guarantor to the car that MIL wanted to purchase. Since she had then just quit her job (to concentrate on her sons weddings... Yes sincerely my God why???), the car was to be under his name. The family is all botched up with bad financial record so no one else's credit was good except his.

Since their record was terrible, and I was a guarantor already for bis brother who did not pay up his (where eventually it was taken back by the bank and took me 9 years after that to clear it off for him just so my name is good again with the bank), I told him maybe it was good to try and have his brothers help manage. It is just as guarantor right?

He asked me in the night. The next morning MIL called me the next morning with this; without hello ya:

"Fax over your identifications, 3 months salary payslip, driving licence to this number right now. I wait for it." - and hangs up.

That's how her car purchases began. Using DXH as credit bearer for her.
So each time we needed to use his credit, we'd have to clear off 1-3 months' worth of their monthly payment.

Now, even after divorce, she insinuates that perhaps I ask for so much of alimony when DXH is struggling to make the ends meet to provide for HIS children and cover for himself whose job requires him to travel a lot. We have 3 children and the amount that we get is lower then some divorces of the 2 children.

I hope that one day you'll be able to discover logic.

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