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MIL told DH last weekend she & FIL were coming to visit following weekend. Have not heard from them since; I do not know if they are definitely coming or not. DH will not honor my request to call them to find out. I don't feel like spending money on groceries if they aren't serious about visiting.
Second item of concern is MIL brings incense to burn. Last visit I found incense ash on the carpet in the bedroom where they stayed. I get instant headaches when I smell incense, however, I am willing to be open to her burning incense more responsibly. I suggested to DH that he should let his mom know to burn incense more cautiously. DH will not tell her, therefore, I will be handing her a disposable metal pan. Does anyone have a better solution? MIL tells me bleach smell makes her feel sick so I feel I can be open/honest about her incense burning.

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  1. Whoever's Avatar
    Tell MIL, with DH right there, that there will be NO incense burning in your house. As soon as she and FIL enter your house. Not only does it make you sick but it is a fire/safety hazard. If/when MIL starts to whine about the bleach, tell her your house, your rules and you will make sure you don't use bleach in her house.

    If MIL still uses the incense after being told not to, tell her she has to leave. Pack up her carp and escort her out the door. Let your DH know this will happen and that he better have your back. Better yet, tell him to put on his big boy pants, stop being afraid of mommy dearest and tell her himself.

  2. CookbooksRStillUs's Avatar
    Re her complaints about odors in your home: "I'm so sorry you're uncomfortable in our home. There's a Holiday Inn Express over by the mall. I'm sure you'll be comfortable there."
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