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my mother in law tells my husband that she doesn't want to interfere with me and him. she is closer to his other daughter's mother and that hurts because im not his baby mother or his side girl I'm his wife she could care less to establish a friendship with me and she does not bother to look for my daughter and she's 2 my daughter loves her so much and so does my oldest but of course she plays cute with my husband and he eats it all up its putting me in a position where I'm starting to feel like I don't want to be a part of this family, I want to go back to my own family where we care for each other we show each other that we mean so much more I cant keep living this life where she doesn't come around and he says because I had an altercation with his sister to give it time. smh all I did was give it time, she's been that way for going on 5 years. I cant anymore.....

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  1. Whoever's Avatar
    Drop the rope. Stop letting your SIL cause all the shots. Put her in a long TO like the errant toddler she is.

    Remind your DuH that YOU and your DD are his family now or did he not mean his wedding vows. SIL and the rest of his FOO are just extended relatives now.

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