My mother in law told me she hates me to my face

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Hello guys - I need to vent - or advice - or anything.

Right after my husband and I got married my mother in law took me aside to tell me she hates me and she only tolerates me because my husband loves me other she wants nothing to do with me and thats how she feels and that's how she ever felt. This was a month after we got married. Now, she has been very very pleasant to me before the wedding. She was super lovely and has been nothing but kind. I loved and respected her so much and I wanted to my husbands family to be my own since mine is from abroad. I wasn't even all came natural and I felt it was the same for them.

Well the mother in law I don't know what changed after the wedding but it has taken a toll on me. I don't know why she told me what she did. My husband and I had a solid relationship before and after the wedding. My husband got my back and all but at the some point I need to forgive this woman and move on. I feel like I don't want to do anything with this woman nor have anything to do with what's hers. My husband and I took some time off from speaking with her reflecting on what to do. The time off was really good...we learned about boundaries and spending less time and all. We just kind of starting speaking to her back again and boy is it hard to forgive her for me and move on. It's easier for my husband to do so and pretend that nothing has happened. But for me I feel like I still see her face that night when she tormented me. I have played around with the idea of divorce so that I avoid this problem all together. It hurts much cause I don't have a family here so being "alone" is just hard. To be hated is just no fun. Anyone is a similar situation? I have been only married less than 5 months...crazy huh I'm already experiencing this? Thanks to anyone with insight

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    Your DH needs to have your back and Leave-and-Cleave. You are his priority, not mommy dearest.

    They want you to rug sweep and call it forgiveness. You don't have to "forgive" just let them go, cut them off.

    Get some individual counseling to help determine what is best for you and only you. Go to the HALL OF FAME forum and read the thread about finding a decent counselor. You do NOT want one of those happy-families-at-all-costs type of therapist or one with their own agenda. H3ll, read all the threads in the HALL OF FAME.

    Come over to the message boards, there is more activity there.

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