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Im in a 16 year marriage been togetger 19 years.10 years ago we moved closer to dh family biggest mistake of my marriage.Almost instantly there were signs that something wasnt right dh kisses mil on lips though that can be just a preference but things got very strange very quickly dh jad to assure mil he loved her more on several occassions.MIL went to extent of wanting us to divorce when neither would entertain the thought she tried to have me jailed for multiple reasons none of which were true last straw was when dh had to answer door during intimacy to see what mil wanted.We are moved away now but those few are just examples of a 10 year hellish nightmare wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is their something that causes it?

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  1. Whoever's Avatar
    Sorry, but your DH, then DuH, was also to blame. He kissed his mommy dearest on the lips, he assured her that he loved her more than he loved you and even interrupted intimacy to see what she wanted. Even if MIL demanded this, DuH could have told her an emphatic NO.

    He married you, made vows to you to Leave-and-Cleave and forsake-all-others but didn't follow through.

    Don't hold your breath. When mommy dearest gets old and sick he may revert right back to when he was a DuH. Counseling now.

  2. modfern's Avatar
    Come over to the main forum. It gets a lot more traffic.
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