My mother in law is a b****

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Okay- I would like to apologize for what I am about to say. But I really need to vent this out. If anyone has any ideas please send it.
My husband and I have been together for 8 years. We just bought our first home this year! Yes his mom did help with money to get in our home but she already has a home in a different state! Within 1 month and maybe 2 weeks of living in our new home his mother moves in. She didn't hesitate to take my decorations down and put hers in every room and every corner of the house. I am a clean freak- I do not like clutter and yet it's cluttered.
In the beginning she use to open our closed bedroom door when we were having sex and if she didn't open the door she would bang on the door screaming his name just say something that wasn't even important. I then decided to have to talk about boundaries and she was very blunt about telling me that I am selfish and don't deserve any privacy.
Okay well things have gotten worse. She keeps coming in between us when we are just trying talk after working all day. Even come in between us if we are arguing.
She then kept pushing me to my limit.
I will admit I said some mean things but she quickly told me how she really feels. She talked nasty things about my family and I, she also started pushing me shoving me down. And I did apoligze to her yet she still hasn't apologized back. I have tired making small talk and she just has this look and her tone in her voice says it all. I recently asked very nicely if she could remove some of her things in our guest bedroom since my family is coming in town and she told me no and that I can make room in my bedroom for them! Am I crazy for being upset?

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  1. far far away's Avatar
    Why is your MIL living with you. Is the mortgage in your DH’ and your names? Where is your DH on this? I would give her notice to vacate, whatever notice the law in your state requires. If she won’t leave, have the sheriff or police remove her. Then change the locks on the door and don’t let her in. Remove her crap from your house and put it in a trash bag outside the house for her along with her clothes.
  2. Whoever's Avatar
    What does your DH/DuH say when MIL behaves this way? Is MIL's name on the deed to the house? If not, she has no claim to the house.

    Speak to a landlord/tenant attorney and begin the eviction procedure. Take down MIL's carp from all over your house and put it in boxes in her room. If she puts it back, the stuff goes in the trash. When the eviction date arrives, call the sheriff's department to help evict her. Change the locks immediately.

    And, please, stop apologizing to this woman. She views this as a weakness plus, you have no reason to apologize.

    Get DH/DuH into therapy with a non-unicorn therapist. He is every bit as much of a problem as MIL. He let her move in and treat you like carp. If MIL ever touches you or pushes you down again, call the police and press charges. Then get an RO, which will keep her out of your house.

    Come on over to the forums for more advice.
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