Sneaky MIl Breached No Contact WTH

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Not sure if I can do that. Not sure if I can do anything about the letter with the judges and MIL name on it. I don't think my DH would be on board. The horrible, nasty, letter MIL sent to my DH was horrible but I should probably have a discussion with DH before I proceed further with notifying the Judges. It was my first reaction. She did attempt to abuse her position of delusional power. MIL has been in trouble at work for keeping things confidential on criminal cases and using her position to look into people's records. MIL likes to run her mouth and knows what is public record and confidential.

In retrospect the thought of MIL being fired and having all that time off to run around and devour innocent souls in her self righteous path, sounds too horrific to wrap my head around.
I know I'm probably not supposed to worry about MIL natural consequences of her life or what she might potentially do. It might sound scarier having her possibly lose her job and have all that free time.

On the other hand: I agree with you, MIL has crossed so many lines- MIL should be held accountable for all of it. MIL should not be allowed to bully someone with her job title. She should not Bully and Harass my family.

Would you rather possibly get her fired and possibly have all that free time or get restitution for ALL?????

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