The things that have happened.

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It's been atleast a year since I have posted on here. I normally would vent about MIL making such a huge difference in the grandkids. SIL kids were always the faves. Amoungst this MIL would copy everything I would do with my daughter. She was with SIL kids ALL the time. She picked out their clothes. She bragged on them. Anything my daughter did SIL girl had to do it too and even better by MIL words. It was pure jealousy and it was like she was molding SIL girl into who "she" wanted her to be, which was JUST LIKE my daughter. My daughter was in gifted classes at school. She was tested for this and recommended by teachers. She also does a camp every summer for gifted kids that is fun. MIL starts saying SIL girl is also in gifted . They are the same age, same school system , same grade elementary , but different schools. So I knew it wasn't true because my daughter is allowed to go to the fun camps every summer. SIL daughter has never been invited to the camps. ALL gifted students for that school system are invited to do the camps. They would have had her in the camps if she was in gifted and was invited. This should tell you how MIL is and was ALL the time about everything.

So now it is different... back summer of last year MIL started getting to where she couldn't do as much. She started telling SIL that she couldn't come and watch her kids sometimes , then she needed her to watch them for a week and MIL had a trip planned. SIL wanted MIL not to go on this trip to help with her kids but MIL went on the trip. Once MIL started telling SIL no to some things SIL started becoming irritated towards her. So sil started rebelling towards her at this point. Now SIL has kept her kids from MIL and FIL for over 6 months. This all started when MIL started not being able to do everything for her. MIL started having health issues at this point, she ended up in the hospital for over a week. She has to have a therapist come to her home now. She is not able to help with sil kids much anymore. Fil had been really upset with SIL and said some really mean things to her out of anger. Now SIL says she is not coming around or bringing the kids around because of the things FIL said to her. He tried apoligizing to SIL and took full blame for everything that he had said but SIL still will not have anything to do with them. This is after MIL doing EVERYTHING for SIL and her kids and putting them above everyone else for years. I think she is using FIL as an excuse for her not coming around or bringing the kids around them. I think she doesn't like being told no and it's like this is her way of getting back at them. It's like she is trying to get back at them by not bringing the kids around. ALL of the attention that those kids got from MIL and she took it away from them like that. All of these years MIL has put SIL and her kids on a thrown and this is the way it has came back on her. The anger I always had towards MIL for the difference she would make in them. Now the cycle has been broken. I have no idea how this will end up or if SIL will ever bring the kids back around them . Who knows , maybe this is SIL way of gaining control. It's just rediculous.

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    It seems like there have been tensions and resentments between you, your MIL, and SIL for some time. It's not uncommon for families to experience conflicts and feelings of favoritism, especially when it comes to grandparents and their grandchildren. These situations can be hurtful and difficult to navigate, and it's essential to find ways to cope with these emotions. Dave The Diver
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