Penguinectomy and Teachermom:

Returning a favor. I mainly lurk. Your posts have both been tremendously helpful to my brother, who's been fighting his Narcissist abusive ex-wife over how to treat the kids. Like you, what he hates most is how she treats the kids. She would deny them health care because she lied and said he didn't tell her about an appointment. She'd claim he made up emails or that she never got them. She would never do homework with them and say the kids told her they don't have any.

After all her "He never told me!" claims, the Judge of their family court made them use the OurFamilyWizard website for all communication. He loves it. Apparently a lawyer can write it into custody agreements. All lawyers, including the GAL and the judge, and the family counselor can see everything! Every email, every appointment and who took them (him). Their oldest child has a limited access account for the schedule and homework parts.

He has not had a single phone conversation with her since! She can't send her nasty emails anymore. He even puts in what homework is done each night they're with him, while she puts in nothing. It has been two months and the next hearing is in June so we've yet to see how "Transparency in high conflict co-parenting" affects the outcome. Its cheap like a hundred bucks per year per parent.