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I really could write a book. I've been called a slut, whore, the B word and worse. I was blamed for putting underwear under her bed. I was blamed for taking her son away.
She tells lies about me to people.
She said that my kids are not her son's. Signed - It Is Really Scary

wow sounds like what my MIL was like except she said all these things to me AND my kids starting when they were like 1 she told one DD that she wasnt DH's child when she was 6. Let me just tell you it only got worse from there. The children CHOOSE not to see her or SIL at all. I am perfectly fine with that bcuz i dont know that i can be around them without physical violence being involved and I am not a violent person. No there never has been an altercation but I know where my limit is and they passed it so my heart goes out to you.