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My MIL has been staying with us several nights a week to lessen her gas bill for her commute to work. I have tried patiently to accommodate her junk food in the pantry (we just started a great diet plan) and the messes she leaves on the toilet. But, this particular instance just takes the cake.

I had been missing my morning coffee for 2 days straight because I couldn't find my mug. My "light purple, just the right size, nobody else touches it, I know to fill the creamer to there" mug. Well, as I was cleaning upstairs, I opened the door to the guest bedroom and saw it on a table. As I tried to figure out when I had been in that room with my mug, I picked it up to take it to the kitchen. And it sploshed. Baffled, I looked into my mug and FOUND HER TEETH!!!!!

Signed - I Have Tried Patiently

i have a feeling this one probably ended in a meltdown. it has been a year. the gas savings thing is difficult to justify especially if it is highway miles. i used to like long commutes because it gave me some peace time, time to think; was somehow easier to run errands on the way. if i lived closer, i would have been so wiped out that going to the grocery store would be impossible.

about the dentures. one's own teeth in their mouth is a very personal thing. to use someone else's coffee mug for that? or even my own coffee mug for that matter?! and toilet mess? i suppose she would have to extensively use the bathroom. but she must have kept a lot there! the whole process would have been so cumbersome, the long commute would have been easier.