Worst gift: My MIL "requested" for me to get her a specialty skin care pack. She said that it was on Xmas special for $1600. I was speechless! I didn't intend to spend that much money on her gift, as I also needed to get my FIL and my own parents/relatives gifts too. Nonetheless, I bought it for her to keep her happy, and I texted her to let her know that I had bought it for her. I told her that she'll receive it when we visit on Xmas day.

Just before our Xmas dinner, we all exchanged gifts. Obviously, she was overwhelmed with joy when she received hers. Then, she gave me my gift. It was a small, wrapped, rectangular shaped thing, so I thought it was a lipstick or perfume of some sort. When I unwrapped it, to my surprise it was a pair of tweezers with a hidden light for you to see the fine hairs with!! Who on earth would buy someone a pair of tweezers for Xmas?? Especially when the gift she requested was sooo expensive!!?? I guess I'm only worth a pair of $20 tweezers to her. Oh well, I had to act as though I was very happy anyway.

Signed - Until Next Year . . .