We arrived at the airport to visit family over Christmas. Step-MIL, the nice one, came to pick us up, and SIL came with her. While at the airport waiting for our luggage, SIL pulled out a dinosaur toy and asked me if she could give it to DS (2 years old). I said yes, figuring that she was giving him a gift. She never mentioned that the toy was something that she found at MIL's house, where she is staying, and that she had not asked MIL if she could take it, let alone give it away. Had she said something, I would have said no. She didn't have the right to give it away since it wasn't hers to give away! Instead, SIL said nothing and DS played with it at the airport and took it back to FIL's and SMIL's house, where we were staying. Two days later, she finally told DH that the toy was actually a toy left at MIL's house by her friend's son, and he needed to give it back!

I am so ticked off! Who the heck just takes something out of someone's house without asking, passes it off to a 2 year old, and then asks for the gift back?!?! And, she never offered to replace it or anything! Thankfully, it was Christmas, and we could sneak it away in the midst of all the other gifts that DS got. DS still asked for the toy a few times, but we redirected him to all the other toys he got. By the end of the week he had gotten over it.

SIL is clueless and immature at best, and I think she is selfish, insensitive and manipulative as well. This is not the first stupid and immature thing SIL has done (see the story about the Facebook posting on the week of Oct 15th). She is following in MIL's footsteps and . . .

Signed - I Am So Done With This BS!