Have a need to "clean" the house, reorganize closets, the basement, attic, kitchen, etc. Have piles for trash. Donate what you don't want but use this as an opportunity to pack up your things. You can have a friend help move them claiming s/he is helping deliver to be donated or going to her/his house for their block-wide "yard sale" at the end of the month.

This way your things will be out of the house and in a safe place so STBXH can't do anything to them. You won't be in a rush to get your things, so nothing will be forgotten.

Make sure you take copies of the last three years' tax returns, bank account info, marriage certificate, your social security card, your birth certificate and any other information necessary for the divorce.

If your paycheck is direct deposit, stop this NOW. If you have a joint safe deposit box, empty it out now.